.NET Training

.NET 6/3 Months Summer/Winter Training

With the Suggestion of our .Net Developer Team ,Empowerment Technology Provides a complete .Net 6 month package which includes-

C Programming Language + SQL Server 2008 + CF + ADO.Net + ASP.Net + Advance +ail preparation for Ptacernent(Personality Assessment & IT Aptitude + Technical + HR).


Empowerment Technology Provides best Training on Met Technology with Complete KwMadge of C, SQL, Cr, ADO, ASP, ADVANCE and Aptitude with Complete Practical. Empowerment Technology Provides best Trainer for all Technology. Our Trainer is our Developer in our company.

At Empowerment Technology, Dot Net Training is divided in 4 modules. Modules 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. Dot Net -4 week Dot Net-6 week Dot Net-4 month Dot Net-6 month

Module. Course Fee
1.Dot Net -4 week 3500/-
1.Dot Net-6 week 4500/-
1.week Dot Net-4 month 8000/-
1.Dot Net-6 month 10,000/-

Microsoft's .NET technology is a technology intended to connect. What to connect? Wet the whole thing that can be linked through software - people., structures, computers, and extra things as wet as devices.

In today 's scenario, .net training is a best platform. In .net domain, there is more opportunities in comparison of others. .Net is a combination of many languages and concept. So it is also a main reason of his popularity.

We offer best training for students and it companies. We also organize workshop and training proposal in collages and corporate world.

MET can grasp servers that offer web services or the tools wanted to generate these services.

The following applications can be created using .NET platform:-

  • Customer relationship management
  • Accounting applications
  • Product/inventory applications
  • Websites
  • Value chain/supply management
  • Integration with partners through the internet
  • XML web services